A Selection of Jewish Music

Naomi Shemer (1930-2004)

Born on a kibbutz, she was a leading Israeli musician and songwriter, hailed as the “first lady of Israeli song and poetry.” Her song “Jerusalem of Gold”, written in 1967, became an unofficial second anthem after Israel won the Six-Day War that year and reunited the city. In 1983, Shemer received the Israel Prize for Hebrew song (words and melody).

Ofra Haza (1957-2000)

An Israeli singer of Yemenite Jewish origin, an actress and international recording artist. In 1983, she represented Israel in the Eurovision song contest;  the song โ€œChaiโ€ won second place. Her album โ€œShadayโ€ sold over a million copies worldwide. She appeared in many projects, among them the soundtrack for the film โ€œPrince of Egyptโ€.

Uzi Hitman (1952-2004)

In addition to being a singer, Uzi was a songwriter, composer and television personality. Born in Givat Shmuel to Holocaust-survivor parents, his career began in 1976 when he composed a popular melody for โ€œAdon Olamโ€. He composed and wrote over 650 songs one of which, โ€œKan,โ€ (Here), reached 3rd place during the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest.

Ehud Manor (1941-2005)

Born Ehud Weiner, he was an Israeli songwriter, translator, and radio and TV personality. During his career, he wrote over 1,250 Hebrew songs, including “Ein Li Eretz Acheret” (I Have No Other Country), “BaShanah HaBa’ah” (Next Year) which became an international standard.

Aryeh “Arik” Lavie (1927-2004)

Arik was an Israeli actor and Pop-Rock-Folk singer born in Leipzig, Germany. At the age of 9, accompanied by distant relatives, he emigrated to Mandatory Palestine. His career began in 1945 in the Palmach military band. In the years that followed he participated in many plays and movies and published a number of albums.

Arieh (Arik) Einstein (born 1939)

An Israeli singer-songwriter, born in Tel Aviv. His father was an actor. In 1959, after his release from the IDF, Einstein joined the Green Onion Band and the Sambation Theatre; in 1960, he released his first solo album. His collaboration with Shalom Hanoch and the Churchills led to the first Israeli rock albums. He is often termed the โ€œbestโ€ Israeli singer.

David Dโ€™Or (born 1965)

Born David Nehaisi, in Holon. A countertenor with a vocal range of more than four octaves, he is a three-time winner of the Israeli “Singer of the Year” and “Best Vocal Performer” awards. By 2008, nine of his albums had gone platinum. He is a descendant of Jews expelled from Spain in the 15th century and his great-grandfather was a prominent Libyan rabbi.