May Song

May Song



Song of Songs 2:8

Kol Dodi

Hark, my beloved, there he comes leaping over mountains, bounding over hills.


Kol is a voice, dodi is my beloved, medaleg is leaping, mekapetz is jumping.

This is a love song.  The girl is sitting or standing at home and she is waiting for her beloved and here she hears his voice.  She is not thinking but she is hearing his voice and she is longing for him. Today in Israel it is a children’s song, very beloved and very, very popular.

Sarah Israeli

:שִיר הַשִּירִים ב’, ח

קוֹל דּוֹדִי הִנֵּה זֶה בָּא.

 ְמדלג עַל הֶהָרִים מְקַפֵּץ עַל הַגְּבָעוֹת

Kol dodi hine ze ba

Medaleg al heharim, mekapetz al hageva’ot

The Song of Songs 2, 8

Hark! My beloved! There he comes, Leaping over mountains, Bounding over hills.