News Bulletin May 2018

News Bulletin May 2018

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Jewish Conscience of the Church: Jules Isaac and the Second Vatican Council



Bat Kol is hosting a special lecture ‘Jewish Conscience of the Church: Jules Isaac and the Second Vatican Council’  to honor the 70th Anniversary of Seelisburg.   

Bat Kol Institute for Jewish Studies would be very grateful if you would help us promote the evening as widely as possible through your mailing lists and on social media.

We look forward to welcoming you on the night.

With thanks and best regards,



More information, click here

News from the Exodus 2017 Program: Moses, Prophet and Servant.

The Exodus Program

The Exodus program began on 6th July, with participants from Australia, Brasil, Canada, Israel, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, USA, and UK.  The picture shows the group gathered for the  opening ceremony held on 7th July. Almost half the students will be taking the program for academic credit.  Lectures are given mostly by Rabbis and Jewish Professors and are augmented by synagogue worship, erev shabbat suppers, and visits to a variety of holy sites. 


The July 2018 Program will be the Book of Leviticus: The basis for holiness, 4-25 July.  To apply, click here