Paul’s Justification by Faith
by Br. Joel M. Moreira, nds

On this last Thursday, it was presented the second Reshit Da’at Seminar of this semester. The presentation was made by Bro. Joel Moreira and the theme chosen was “Paul’s justification by faith”.

Bro. Joel analyzed the writings of Paul (especially Galatians and Romans) and tried to present a new reading regarding the Pauline doctrine on justification by faith. Is Paul despising Jewish law when he compares “works of the law” with “works of faith”? It is well known that this has been the traditional interpretation of Christianity, but this reading may also imply some misunderstanding regarding the author’s possible original intention. The proposal presented by Brother Joel is based on the book “Paul among Jews and Gentiles” (Krister Stendahl).

The meeting was attended by brothers, sisters and novices of Sion of the region, as well as other friends.

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