7th of November 2018

Paul's Jewish Ideas and His Gentile Audience

Dr. Serge Ruzer obtained a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of  Jerusalem (1996), where he teaches at the Department of  Comparative  Religion and is a Research Fellow at that University’s Center for the Study of Christianity. His research and numerous publications pertain mostly to the Jewish background to nascent Christianity and early Syriac literature. Among his books: The Sermon on the Mount and Its Jewish Setting (ed. with H.-J. Becker; Paris, 2005), Mapping the New Testament: Early Christian Writings as a Witness for Jewish Biblical Exegesis (Leiden, 2007); In the Beginning Was the Word: Eight Conversations on the Fourth Gospel  (with Y. Zakovitch; Jerusalem, 2014);  Early Christian Beliefs: Challenges, Transformations, Polemics (with A. Kofsky; Tel Aviv, 2018).

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